“One Step Can Make All the Difference”
“If It Has To Be, It’s Up To ME”

Start date : August 9, 2009
End date : May 6, 2012

Done – in bold
On-going – Italic

These are “habit-forming” goals and I will consider these complete when I have listed 43 instances that keeps me on each of these goals – net of failures (see more info here)
1. Stop procrastinating!
2. Be punctual
3. Keep my promises and do not make promises I cannot keep
4. Laugh some more! Tell jokes! Hear jokes!
(see my progress report)

Family / Relationship
5. Create initial lesson plan for the kids. Teach kids about religion, spirituality, good manners and habits, friendship, arts, finance, history, generosity and fun. Considered done, see progress report
6. Date with Papi once in awhile. Considered done, see blog
7. Take kids to different churches.. Considered done and on-going. (read more here)
8. Organize the homecoming of my two brothers this Christmas Done: 12/09 (see what happened here andhere)
9. Good deeds to at least 5 kins and relatives. Done, see blog here
10. Organize more exciting family xmas raffle and bingo Done: 12/24/09
11. Look for a good high school for Jolo. Done! (see progress report and final update here)
12. Take kids to parks, museums and zoo more often. Considered done and on-going. (see entry)
13. Organize a great 81st birthday get-away for my Daddy. Done: April 29, 2010, H2O Hotel (see blog here)
14. Organize a grand 75th birthday party for Mama. Done July 8, 2010 (see preparation here and final event here)
15. Organize the 82nd “surprise” party for Dad. Done April 29, 2011
16. Travel with Mama on her 76th birthday. Done July 11, 2011, Antipolo see blog here.
17. See and have coffee/beer with favorite old friends . Done, see entries here: 9/4/09, 10/17/09, 12/10/09
18. Have a Solo Date with Mama. Done: Feb 2012, CCP, see blog here.
19. Take Dad to Bicol. Done Jan 2012

20. Do “first-time” more often, compile the first 101 (see list)
21. One summer gimik get-away with cousinhood. Happened in April 2011. Sagada. See blog here and here.
22. Vacation every year with family, local and international. See places we’ve been since 2009 here (see places I want to visit here)
23. Take parents to another travel abroad or province Done: 3/14-16/10, Subic (see blog entry here)
24. Visita-iglesia with cousins every year. See preparation here for 2010and accomplishment here. See stories in 2011 here, and 2012 here.
25. The 2nd Great Adventure of Cousinhood 2012. Done, see stories here and here and the recap here.
26. Wall-climbing and hi-jump adventure. Done: 3/9-10/10, Antipolo
27. Hiking in a forest or mountain. Done June 2011, Dimakaya Island Coron Palawan
28. Snorkeling and really enjoy it. Done June 2011, Dimakaya Island Coron Palawan
29. Travel with close friends. Done: 09/21-24/09, Macau (see pictures) and see entries: Macau and HK (and almost China)
30. Went to Beijing on Promo Budget Travel
31. Travel-date with Papi to a paradise island! Done February 2011, Puerto Princesa, see blog here
32. Take a boat ride at Pasig river!
33. Have one great, spontaneous adventure! Done: 10/08/09, Araneta Colliseum (see entry here)
34. Collection of my 101 “travelling feet” Done: see photo gallery, flickr site)
35. Dance in the rain. Done: July 2011, Ballast Street
36. “Wild” physical adventure or roller coaster with Jolo (need to do this within 2 years or else Jolo will not be interested anymore) Done: 3/14/10:Tree Top Adventure, Subic (see story here)
37. Watch Hot Air Baloon Show. Done: February 14, 2010, Clarkfield Pampanga
38. Visit Ilocos! Done: Sept 2011, Ilocos Sur and Norte
39. See 20 new movies (or old great movies) (see list)
40. Sleep with my Papi under the starlight! Done: June 2011

41. A blog site for my pillow designs. Done. See some in my multiply account and FB site
42. Update and finish Aliya’s scrapbook, nursery box and photo album. Done: May 2012
43. Finish our anniversary/love scrapbook
44. Create 15 digital scrapbooks Done: see Photo Gallery Page
45. Create an artwork — just start and get the momentum!
46. Buy a professional camera for myself. Done: July 2, 2010 (see blog here)
47. Read 50 new great books. Considered done with 44, (see list), accept my reason (excuses) here.
48. Create 10 music videos using Movie Maker . Done: see my progress report and my gallery)

49. Read more self-help books and blogs. Start the “Today” series by Og Mandino Considered Done. See Page here
50. Take a walk at the park in the morning. Considered done (see progress report here)
51. Lose weight (be able to squeeze in my old clothes) (see blog here)
52.Drive (learn to drive confidently)
53. Have a spa with friends. Done: October 2010
54. Have me-moment every quarter or more. Considered done.
55. Cook/experiment new healthy dishes.
56. List my daily simple pleasure in 101 days. Done, see my page “My Simple Pleasures in Six Words”

For Others
57. Volunteer to “Gawad Kalinga” or like
58. Gather more sponsors for xmas gift-giving Done, see my progress report and completion report – 12/19/09 & 12/24/09
59. Volunteer to a charity works. Done 10/10/09, Tumana Marikina, 12/19/09, Letre Malabon, 12/24/09, Bulacan (click the dates to see the entries)
60. Do 29-day giving challenge. Done 10/10/09 (see entry here)
61. Donate blood. Done June 2011, Red Cross
62. Sign in for organ donation. Done 9/12/09 (see entry here)
63. Interview and document the lives of at least 10 people, help in anyway
64.Visit a home for the aged. Done: December 2011, Hospicio de San Jose
65. Sponsor one relative to college Done, see blog here
66. Work on probono service to a business or foundation. Done, every year I audit for free a foundation company.
67. Ensure SSS for Ate Pilar. Started July 2011
68. My “Project K for Kindness” marathon for my 40th birthday Done: 2010

Career / Leadership
69. Ways to motivate staff. Considered done with much efforts, see list of Tips and Insights I sent on email
70. Compile company policies and procedures and audit manual. On-going
71. Attend seminars, update my CPA license, finalize accreditation of SVS. Done July 2011
72. Help set-up more structured and organized training program for PG. Done. Second Quarter 2011 and ongoing
73. Organize training for store operations, with greater “reach”. Done first quarter 2011
74. A better SVS venture. Done March 2011
75. Have a list of all auditors that pass through my department. Considered done with the FB group page.
76. Secure a larger room for Audit HQ at PG. Done Mar 2011

77. Start a new business – Pillow Me! Done: September 2010. See FB Page here.
78. Have business plan for Pillow Me and acquire clients outside StarCity. Done: Nov 2010
79. Keeps on investing in mutual fund. Done 10/22/09, FAMI (see entry here)
80. Secure memorial plans for me and my loved ones. Done January 2012
81. Invest on online stock market. Done: Feb 2011
82. Try, risk other business venture. Done: July 2011
83. Invest on jewelry every year. Done: Every November since 2009.
84. Keep or Withdraw- Decide on the Insurance Plan. Done 10/22/09(see entry here)
85. Set-up an inventory system for our retail business. Done 09/14/09
86. Complete the Meralco stock certificates and decide on this investment. (Completed except for one cert. Considered done July 2011)

87. Repaint, install flooring the 2nd Floor Room to make it more pleasing to sleep in Done: March 2010
88. Install, fix lightings. Done: May 2010
89. Renovate my old bathroom. Done: Jan 2011
90. New gate, window grills and terrace grill. Done Dec 2011
91. Build the 2nd floor terrace. Done: Dec 2011
92. Set up my library and home office. Done: May 2010
93. Garden and grotto landscaping
94. Help parents in home renovation. Done: Nov 2009 (see progress report)
95. Design the blue wall at dining room. Done: May 2011
96. Update exterior re-paint. Done: Dec 2011
97. Maintain Revo. Done October 2011
98. Good mattress for all my beds. Done: March 2010

And Lastly
99. List 101 things about me (see) 9/30/09
100. Invite 5 friends to make same list (4/5)
101. Save P200 for every task accomplished.

So i hope to keep up with these goals of mine….

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    • i just realized that time is too short to do things that REALLY matters! (and I realized that SO many things really matters – aside from work…)
      know what, I enjoy every moment of it!

      try the 101 in 1001 days, igan…
      it rather puts our life in proper perspective…

  1. you another friend of mine is doing this list and I think this is totally awesome. I think I need to look into something like this. Your 1001 traveling feet is great and I might have to snatch that idea from you!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work some of these goals are so awesome!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment! And thanks for adding me to your list. I will add you to my list, but what name would you like me to put? I can’t find your name anywhere (or maybe I didn’t look hard enough). Please let me know, thanks!

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    • your 101 is just great. and i think you are working on grouping and categorizing (which i read in your post)… accomplishing them is another thing… but no pressure, just take it easy, you know that you want these things and sometimes you are unconsciously doing them. good luck to your 101!

      see also, http://your101.wordpress.com/

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