(As part of my 101 goals in 1001 days, I will consider this “complete” when I reach 101st…. but of course it will not end there…)

Entries started on August 21, 2009 —
I should be more conscious and appreciative of new things happening around me and do more new adventures and experiences… Life only happen once, SO I have to live it in FULL!

This is part of my 101 goals, I will consider the goal done if I’ve already done 101 “first times”
1. Getaway with friends at Macau (August 09)
2. Played at the Casino (blackjack) and won!
3. Been denied a Visa at the border of HK
4. The Suite Life at The Venetian
5. Rode on a gondola and been serenaded (ala Paris)
6. Used espresso coffee maker
7. Ate street-food at Macau

8. City-tour at Macau
9. Do the “travelling feet” collection (see my flicker account)
10. Window-shopping at The Venetian. Seen Mayor Echiverri (Caloocan) at the Venetian (unexpected place to see a public official…)
11. Rode the Express Train to HK Airport
12. Sisterhood watching movie at Trinoma
13. Night out with Pam and talked to Jean (old friends from HS) first time after 11 years.
14. Baguio adventure see blog entry

14. Walked through flooded area at Monumento just to reach LRT
15. Squeezed through crowded connecting bridge from LRT to MRT (during typhoon Ondoy)
16. Slept at Condo with BFF Carol during typhoon Ondoy
17. Volunteer in giving relief to Marikina community
18. Brought lots of relief goods (weighing about 5kg each bag) from 4th floor (assigned at 1 plight of stair)
19. Ate chicharap on siopao sauce (thanks Ann!)
20. Been to Pier One at QC and seen lot of “hookers” in action
21. Seen Roi, Cathy, Edmond, Edwin, Joey (HS friends) first time after 22 years!
22. Learned to do auction/bid
23. Attended an opening of a Jollibee outlet (of a friend)
24. Met the Manila Mayor A. Lim
25. Created a ChipIn account
26. Solo date with Papi, without the kids (after a long time), we watched 2012
27. Morning stroll with Aliya at the park (started Nov 16)
28. Dined at Ganza in Burnham Park (Nov.18)
29. Walked around Baguio in a Thursday morning, ate pandesal and drank coffee along the way (Cottage Gi)
30. Started the “Aliya : Growing Up” Collection…
31. A great way to celebrate birthday: Charity work in the morning, Family outing/swimming (Ace Water SPa) at noon, and Christmas Party with friends in the evening!
32. What an experience at a Hydromassage recreation facility – Ace Water Spa
33. Seen and bond with Deanne, Chuko, Te Leli, Kuya Lito after 10 years (dec 22)
34. Experienced St Agatha Resort (Guiguinto)
35. Swimming again at Coll Waves (Tibig) with sister-in-law (bonding moment)
36. Having fun at charity gift-giving at “the Garage”
37. Done silhoutte jump shots (with sunset background!)
38. Won grand prize TV in the raffle…. but have to give it up (gladly)…
39. Played billiards with Kuya Lito while talking about business, religion, work, etc.
40. Boat-ride with cousins and sons (not really a first time, but really a great, great time everytime!)
41. Read a great book “The Shack” given by Kuya Lito!
42. Tried the “Team 17” Challenge (will talk about it later if it’ll be somewhat successful)
43. Ate with friends at Cyma at Trinoma (a Greek restaurant)
44. Received something from internet purchase — nice!
45. Sent Lean to an overnight camping (at school)— miss him…
46. Sent Jolo to an overnight field trip at far-away Rizal — miss him!
47. Adventure at Mt Samat! The cross on top of a mountain!
48. First time at Ocean Adventure! Still amazed at dolphin and sealion shows!
49. Fed monkeys along the way to SUbic (it is prohibited, but what we do we have spare sandwich and they really look hungry)
50. Got lost driving in Morong Bataan… and still have fun!
51. First time at SCTEX from Subic.
52. Mass at the Divine Church at Marilao
53. Visited the underground cave replica of grotto, Divine Church
54. Mass at La Consolacion Church at Balagtas Bulacan
55. Traveled early in the morning (4:30am) with kids
56. Watched the 15th Hot Air Baloon Festival at Clark (Feb 14)
57. Kissed under the Hot Air Baloons (next time, while riding it) on Valentines Day
58. Mass at the replica of Basilica of Barasoain in Nayong Filipino, Clarkfield
59. Picnic at the grounds in Nayong Filipino
60. Attended GungHo Seminar and had a great, lasting experience (2/24/10)
61. Hugged as many people as I can
62. Having a GungHo resolution, this time with accountability partners
63. Toured Manila Zoo and Kinder Zoo with Aliya, Jolo and Lean (3/7/10)
64. Watched beautiful sunset together with whole family
65. Dined at Harbor View with kids
66. Teambuilding 2010 at MMLDC Antipolo, me as team captain for blue team
67. Wall climbing and reached the 7m points (highest)
68. Pole climbing and free fall jumping
69. Velcro Wall, jump and stick to the wall
70. Inflatable obstacle course, we were the fastest!
71. Listened to good speakers… Levi Labra, Alex Araneta, Lloyd Luna, Al Ian Buencamino
72. Played like a child, Bahay-Baboy-Bagyo, Bato-Pik-Longest-Line
73. Breakfast at the garden at Subic’s Kalayaan, with parents and family. What a blessed weekend.
74. Tree Top Adventure at Subic! Tried the Superman Ride (hanging on the cable) with Jolo.
75. Experience Canopy Ride with Lean… riding a cable seat from one tree to another.
76. Beach time with Aliya at All Hands Beach!

77. Music 21 kareoke and sing-along with staff
78. Ate frozen banana with strawberry and rainbow sprinkler (shared it with Lean and ALiya!—great!)
79. Ate at Chilis and enjoyed the nachos!
80. Brought Lean for a swimming at The Shang Condominium. Luxury life!
81. Participated in automated election
82. Wowed by H2O Hotel at Ocean Adventure
83. Sunset viewing with my Mama and ALiya
84. Adventure at Ocean Adventure with family
85. Experienced Kamatsutra cousine
86. WeHeartIt site and got hooked eversince (May)
87. Ate at La Mesa Grill with friends, great wrapped litson..
88. Swimming at Ace Water Spa with Aliya (2nd time with the rest of the family) – June 11
89. Fun Family Day of SVS at Forest Camp at Los Banos Laguna
90. Bus ride with Aliya
91. First day at new school (Jolo’s), Barcelona Academy-June 13
92. Carousel ride with Aliya – weeeeeh!
93. Romulo cafe – a nice resto in residential district of QC
94. Indulgence – big ticket purchase for myself — Canon G11
95. Organized a surprise party for Mama
96. Pasta Party-first ever… also first for everybody I know!
97. Movie Maker using Windows 7… I made 6 music clips in a week!
98. Ate at Anabelle’s (it’s been a long time since…)
99. Tried mango pannacotta…. sarap.
100. “Chill” time with co-managers at Tender Roast Otis.
101. Lots of “firstssss” at Singapore (MRT, Sentosa Island, City Attractions, Local food, Universal Studio…. see the most memorable ones in my next “FT” list and the highlights in my blog entry)

(first commitment of 101 FT moments is done today, August 9, 2010 — a year after…)
Part 2 to follow!

But can’t resist the continuation of my list here… 🙂
102. Luge ride (down the winding hill)and Skyride (up on open cable car)
103. Segway ride (I thought I can’t do it)
104. The CineBlast Log Ride at Sentosa Imbiah Lookout
105. Moment with the Merlion….
106. Quiet moment at the coach below the Singapore Flyer (while Jolo and Papi were sleeping)
107. Walking round the Marina Bay (de-tour because of Olympic rehearsals)-kakapagod.
108. Singapore night scene at the top of the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands. Spectacular!
109. Of course, the Universal Studio Experience! and there are many “firsts”, but the very memorable are the “Mummy” roller coaster ride and Shrek 4D show. We missed the “Lost World” ride.
110. The China town and the Temple
111. Siloso beach at Sentosa island
112. Mass at Singapore Church (St Vincent de Paul)
113. Seen college friends at the airport, Mr & Mrs Basas.
114. Back in Manila, took an LRT ride from Balintawak (new station)

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