My goal is to have conscious effort to teach kids about life’s lessons. Teach them about, among others, Religion, Generosity, Finance, History, Art, Right Manners and Having Dreams….. I really made it sure to have moments with my two boys talking and making stories. Time is short and I believe that most of the lessons we’ve learned were gained while we were still kids….
For this goal, I will consider this complete if I have taught them or show them 101 things related to these areas in life and many more (I know we cannot measure teaching with just 101 list, cause this is a lifetime commitment. But these years are the formative years for them – Jolo going to teen-years, Lean passed the years of being a toddler, Aliya in her 3rd year kakulitam — and these are critical years, I have to remind myself to spend more time with them). So here is the partial list:

1. Recite “Ama Namin” (“Our Father” in Tagalog) – (Lean already knew the English version, but he needs to memorize the Tagalog version)
2. Story of the Fisherman’s Wife who was never satisfied, a lesson about greed. (Lean)
3. Playing fair and square (while we were playing chess) (Lean)
4. About winning/losing without cheating (while playing Snakes and Ladder) (Lean)
5. Reading to Lean a grown-up book about “Beliefs” (he was having fun counting the word “beliefs” I mentioned)
6. About habit formation at around adolescent years (Jolo)
7. Taught Jolo to save money for something he really want to buy (with our approval of course).
8. About being generous (Lean brought a spare Lego for his friend Aaron)
9. Keeps asking Jolo and Lean what they want to take (course) in college (it doesn’t matter even if he changes mind every now and then)
10. Doing the best he can in every project he handles (Jolo)
11. About working hard, and about sowing and reaping (as Lean play the “Farmer” game online)
12. Rewards and consequences in attaining goals
13. Helps Jolo form his habit to clean his face and body before going to sleep.
14. Helps Lean form his “4-things to do” habit every night. (Toothbrush, take a pee, clean his feet, pray)
15. Washing dishes every weekend (Jolo)
16. Generosity-in-Action, when they voluteered with me in distributing toys for less-fortunate kids last Christmas
17. Weekend tasks for Lean
18. Talking about money and spending (jolo)
19. Talking about practicing dance rather than spending time just watching it… (I still have to see Jolo dance, I heard he’s good, but he’s a bit shy…)
20. Reading time (lean)… “What is Right?”
21. Pagmamano (getting blessing from elderly by placing elder’s hand on kid’s forehead)
22. More practice on Po and Opo
23. Love of environment (during canopy ride at the forest) and animals (had a great time at the zoo)
24. Appreciation of the beauty of sunset
25. Loving and caring for grandparents
26. Starting giving Lean money and teach how to use them
27. About loving siblings (have to work hard on this….)
28. Read World History to Lean (his favorite)
29. Fix own bed upon waking up
30. Talk to Jolo about school stuff (casually)
31. About being a friend
32. About being a gentleman, respect for woman
33. Taking public transpo (Jolo)
34. Fixing his own drinks (Jolo)
35. Increase nightime habit of Lean to 7 (preparing uniform at night, fix bag, bedtime story)
36. Connecting with cousins and titas and titos
37. Be responsible in using PSP, internet and TV
Updates early 2012
38. Love for colors and art (ALiya)
39. Jolo overcoming his shyness and now the leader choreographer of his dance group.
40. Jolo’s reading habit, from nil to book mentor
41. Aliya independent eating
42. Aliya picking after herself
43. Lean’s curiosity about places and historic facts
44. Cooking time with ALiya
45. About having “dreams” (Jolo)
46. Lean’s enhancing his drawings
47. About trash and organizing stuff (Aliya)
48. Discuss the course to take (Jolo)
49. More leassons about treating girls (Jolo)
50. Encouraging Lean to be more into books (not iPad)
51. Piano-skills enhancement (Jolo)
52. Taking turns (ALiya)
53. Singing (ALiya)
54. Saving money for travel someday (Lean and ALiya)
55. Helping in household chores esp this summer
56. Stories of granparent’s lives
57. Discuss negative habits of Jolo
58. Knowing places to ride public transport (Jolo)
59. Learn to bike (Lean)
60. Learn to mix coffee or chocolate drinks (ALiya)
61. Nighttime prayers (Aliya)
62. Creative big legos for Aliya
63. Buying / planning for groceries

o Art attack with Lean
o love for museum
o open bank account in their name
o texting/calling their mom often
o nail-cutting (lean)
o organize artwork (jolo)
o Bible story
o history of the philippines
o watching good movies with lean and aliya
o wathing fave movie of jolo
o organize lego stuff (lean)

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