started March 29, 2010, just to record simple things that make me smile and grateful about the day! Click also on it to see the post inspired by a nice photo.

    March 29: Soft morning wind, great day ahead!
    March 30: Received a rose from grateful Jolo
    March 31: Nice Fuji camera from Ninang Verna

    April 1: Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia with cousins
    April 2: Hear my Aliya sing and hum
    April 3: Books nourish my soul and mind
    April 4: Attended mass with Mama and Daddy / KFC Time with Kids and Parents
    April 5: I only have one favorite pizza!
    April 6: New HPMini311, sleek and amazing laptop!
    April 7: Clash of the Titans: the remake
    April 8: Took ganda pictures of my Aliya
    April 9: My new favorite in net: WeHeartIt!
    April 10: Borrowed a sought-after book by Albom
    April 11: “Fun” SpongeBob song sung by Lean
    April 12: Nice to help relieve Jolo’s discomfort
    April 13: Received help from people least expected
    April 14: Cheesy lasagna baked by Sister Flor
    April 15: A relief to finish tax season!
    April 16: Four books to soothe my nerves
    April 17: Gimik with beloved St Jo friends!
    April 18: At farm, picked mangoes with Aliya
    April 19: Ice Cream, Tapsilog, Starbucks at Opening
    April 20: Driving to work with my Lean
    April 21: Experienced efficient, fast processing of passports
    April 22: 😦 A hit new store at QC
    April 23-25: 😦 Celebrating life while mourning and grieving
    April 26: Teambuilding fun moments with Audit collegues
    April 27: Playing, laughing, goofing around the pool
    April 28: 😦 Opportunity to teach Jolo a good lesson
    April 29: Another blessed year passed for Daddy
    April 30: Beer and tacos moment with Papi

    May 1: Bonding moments with cousins at Cabana’s
    May 2: Time to treat Dad for his Bday / Watched lovely sunset from our room
    May 3: Swimming and lunch at Ocean Park
    May 4: Bubbletime and giggles of my Aliya
    May 5: Smiles brought about by my pasalubong
    May 6: Pizza and Shawarma at PG Tayuman
    May 7: Dinner at UCC Cafe with partners
    May 8: A peaceful nap after work
    May 9: Swimming at Paradise Resort with family
    May 10: The privilege to cast my Vote
    May 11: A peek to my brother’s house
    May 12: A “me” time at the mall
    May 13: Newspaper and coffee time with Papi
    May 14: Friday moment with Papi watching TV
    May 15: Fresh Sugpo with Family at Libis
    May 16: Loads of toys and stuff from London
    May 17: Dined at LukFoo with South Staff
    May 18: Dined at Makasuntra with HO staff
    May 19: Time to impart knowledge with staff
    May 20: Movie Time with my best friends!
    May 21: Lovely night with High School Friends
    May 22: A nice nap in new bedsheets
    May 23: Spent time with Aliya playing “gun-ping”
    May 24: Amazing Arts by my Amazing Brother
    May 25: Engrossed with a new science book
    May 26: Heard great talk by Francis Kong
    May 27: Greenwich-date with Jolo talking about schools
    May 28: Free Mongolian Lunch courtesy of Atty
    May 29: Lots of free items at Convention
    May 30: Fetched by Cousins while Car’s “broken”
    May 31: New Mushroom Recipe Cooked by Papi

    June 1: Having known colleagues with same beliefs
    June 2: Long-awaited merit increase for staff
    June 3: Being at service to my parents
    June 4: LukFoo meeting with North QC Staff
    June 5: Prepared spicy tacos for the family
    June 6: A newly-decorated green room for Jolo
    June 7: Inspiring article about “Now” by Bo
    June 8: Been productive with office works
    June 9: Lunch with North Staff at Lukfoo
    June 10: Nice to be sensitive when down
    June 11: Birthday of my Aliya at Ace
    June 12: Early at home, played with Aliya
    June 13: Great family day with SVS people
    June 14: Met new parents at Barcelona Academy
    June 15: Back to schools, back to reality
    June 16: Twice in a day in Starbucks
    June 17: Designed the new room for Audit
    June 18: Alamang in Ampalaya for my lunch
    June 19: Sight of very close Ninang and Lean
    June 20: Ice Cream and card on Fathers’ Day
    June 21: Aliya tells Mom what to draw
    June 22: “What is Right” reading for Lean
    June 23: Finished finally “Shadow of the Wind” book
    June 24: Aliya says too many words now
    June 25: Bought three new shirts for Jolo
    June 26: Starkubs with cousins planning the party
    June 27: Attended mass and ate “lousy” brunch
    June 28: Visited Mama after the eye operation
    June 29: Relaxed day at Dau and Balibago
    June 30: Succumbed to my desire – bought CanonG11

    July 1: Scanned old pictures and savored memories
    July 2: Moments with Manila staff at KFC
    July 3: Divisoria time and tried World Chicken;
    July 3: Given a Bangkok tour by Boss
    July 4: Great Ice Cream moment at Jollibee
    July 5: Proposals approved and concurred by the Boss
    July 6: Finished this task for my 101 🙂

    (It’s 101st pleasure! But this list will be continued….)

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