This is the list of “Tips and Insights” I imparted to my Staff.

Truly Rich… Lessons from Warren Buffet (read here)
Only for Today (read here)
Your Detractors (read here)
Nails on the Fence (see here)
Go the Extra Mile (read)
Fail Forward (read)
If I Had My Life to Live Over (read)
The Longest Way is a Short-Cut (read)
Stay on Course (read)
The Blame Game (read)
Blessed for Success (read)
I am Only One (read)
Today and Everyday (read)
See How Can It Be Different (read)
It Takes a Special Person To be An Auditor(read)
Attitude: Difference between a good day and bad day! {excerpts from Happiness Project (read)}
Be Insanely Awesome (read)
It’s not about Position…. But Credibility… (read)
Dream Big, Start Small by Bo Sanchez (read)
Good Ideas (read)
Say No to Status Quo (read)
Lead… Make a Difference (read)
Credenda Means to Believe (read)
Boost Yourself (read)
Don’t be a Know-It-All-Jerk (read)
But Must…. (read)

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