Open Doors


Mark this day, something really really good will happen! I know it!

I once read that if God closes one door, there are other doors that will be opened…. And there are windows, too!

I am amazed of how things and opportunities open up for me on instances when I thought that there is no other “way” or “hope”… sometimes, it’s instantaneous! God never fails to amaze me and I am very thankful.

I admittedly, been through a lot of stress lately, in relation to work, career and obligations (financially and emotionally!)…. But I learned to allow the mysterious hands to guide me and give me insights…. And lo! my problems and worries die a natural death almost prematurely…. Solved!

And since I am in “Abundance” Mode, everything I need comes to me (or it seems, because I believe!)

We really just need  open our eyes for open doors and windows! (and what we  dont realize is that we also have the keys for those closed ones all along!)

…… 🙂


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