My Red Studio


I been busy lately setting up my “studio” which i will officially call, “Red Studio”. It’s my first effort to start indulging to my artistic, crative side. i imagine myself that whenever I’ll have a burst of inspiration to do “arts” (or just create litter), I will go there and do it without much of preparation or planning.
My medium? I do a bits of scrapbooking, I have a few old watercolor paintings, I can sketch, I’m learning more about journaling, and I’m very good in doing school projects of my sons! … So maybe I will mix all of that and do Collage Art! (thanks Kuya for the wonderful sites you have shown me!)
I believe I’m not yet old enough to tap my sleeping talents… I know its there, but i’m just afraid of trying, or to put it precisely I’m afraid of knowing that maybe “it” was already lost! Fear! Fear immobilizes us! Fear stops us from trying! but not anymore!
SO WHAT if “it’s” gone by now! I can always start! Vincent Van GOgh started Art when he was 36! as in start from the scratch! So it’s never too late.


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  1. one thing i discover about art….most of the time great things come out when you create with “total abandonment” – when you are not afraid to fail, when you don’t think about impressing others, when you don’t think about all those rules, when all you care about is – self expression……
    so try it….create with total abandonment!!!!….if it does not turn out the way you want it…well….you can always try again!!!…

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