leandro wants to go to london


my 7-year old wants to go to london with her lola baby (now on vacation at Philippines with Tito Maurice), he sweetly asks for permission and promised that he will speak many, many, many english. He just want to see the big clock (big ben?), he will stay just for a week, he said! He has already a passport, he said, so he asked me to say yes!
i hope its that simple. I want to go to london, too, and see all those amazing places!
That makes me set our goal to have our vacation at London in 2013. By that time, Aliya will be 5! Lean will be 11 and Jolo will be 15! Well, why not!
See you Nay in 4 years!


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  1. hey let me know if your plan push through in 2013. i might be still here in Rome and we can meet or you might consider visiting the eternal city.

    • oh yah! thanks for visiting my site my blogsite .. maybe by 2013, we’ll be there…. of course you are the first person i’ll look for in rome!

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