Picture Story #1 : Captured Moments in a Picture


My son Lean once said when he woke up one morning, “why is it everyday is always a same day to me?” and he goes back to sleep! Huuhh! There’s so much years ahead of him and he is now bored!?
Is it life seems so “the same” everyday?… it is not… only if we can capture and seize every moment and count every drop of blessing. Life is so good that we should not treat it as “boring”….
I don’t know if Lean can understand what im saying now (he is only seven), but i will try by making his “everyday” as brand new, exciting, and full of fun…
For now, as my project, I will post one picture – or pictures – (old or new) everyday and make a story, so we can have better appreciation what life is stored for us. And remind us that everyday is new!



this is my lean, having a great time at fontana waterpark just last April 2009… so, how can be life so boring…. i dont think so!up


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