Picture Story #4: My Jolo


see how the time flies….
We sent our Jolo and Lean to school today (their 1st day), and I was so excited (bakit para ako lang?)
I remembered sending Jolo to his Prep school 7 years ago and he cried! as in howling! But now, when we peeked at his classroom, his face registered “why are you here?” making slight gesture of his head for us “to go away”…. We want to tease him, make him agonize (just for the fun of it…) but suddenly I realized, my boy is no longer a boy (whhhaa). he wants his space, he wants to show that he is no longer a “mommy’s boy”….
sooo disheartening…. is it just because of his change? or is it just me getting “old” (and realizing it)?
or am I still clinging to his innocence…. haaaayyy….. wag muna…..


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