toys for kids

at 640 × 480 in Picture Story #5: 1000 kids

toys for kids

xmas charity work for 1000 kids

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  1. babel…..chuko n dean would like to join you in your “toys for kids” this year…..abot pa ba sila???? (showed them these pics, and they are excited to do it…)

    • hello, I usually do it before my bday… we can do it on 23rd if you are up to it!
      but there might be change in plans, my major sponsor is no longer in SGV and i still have to locate him. And we are thinking of rather give toys, we will just give basic goods… But actually budget is a constraint…
      Anyways, If we give away toys, our P25,000 will go a looooong way, it can put smiles to 1000 + kids…
      FYI last year, I allocated P5,000 worth of toys at Matungao Kids…. (see Ann’s multiply account for the pictures)…
      SO, i need sponsors, KUYA…. please be one…. 🙂

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