I Should Do This More Often


entries for june 28 (sunday)
🙂 🙂 Spent time with mama, daddy, cousins, tita and sis-in-laws. we went to Indang to visit ate Aleli. I must do bonding with my family more often!
🙂 good time with daddy watching video of…. (secret…)
🙂 nice time watching US video of Kuya Lito and family! 😦 I miss you Kuya!)
🙂 nice place – tagaytay – im planning to be back for a “date”
🙂 rocking chair for daddy! (father’s day gift!)
😦 silent mode with papi 😦 short-tempered mommy (sungit!)
😦 sorry aliya, for getting too tired getting you to sleep (i was cradling/dancing you for 3 hours!)
😦 sorry lean, for waiting (and fell asleep) for our board game!
😦 sorry jolo, ikaw nasungitan ko!

entries for June 27 (saturday)
🙂 I was taken to office by papi
🙂 pares moment with Ann and Soc (going home to bulacan)
🙂 nice time talking to mama, daddy and kuya willy that night
🙂 laugh time with papi and jolo (Tv show: Howie do it)


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