Say What?


This morning while listening to RX top ten (our favorite radio show while driving going to office), and the topic is “how to say iloveyou without saying it…” i realized that we dont say it anymore, in fact we seldom talk to say anything!… my consolation is maybe because it now runs so deep and we knew it all along naman…. Then just moments later, hell broke loose and we had a row just because of a simple household instruction he did not understood or i was not able to deliver well…. so disheartening! Maybe because we dont know how to say anything to each other anymore! Anything at all!
Then, I read this today (thanks Brother Bo Sanchez), and it means a lot more to me now…
“Little things mean so much in relationships.
Water all your relationships with little spoonfuls of love.
Tiny actions that say you care.
And you’ll see people bloom before your eyes.”
But opposite just happened today!
😦 😦 😦


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