Half-full or Half-empty….


I have a story to tell.
Back in 1993, we “adopted” a 6-month old tiny girl, she was the darling to us! Everybody in the family is her “nanay” (mother), ninang (godmother), ninong (godfather), ate or kuya (siblings). We think we pampered her, gave her, if not everything, anything we could. She has a share of love and care from everybody in the family, but she has a share of our reprimands, too. Because we treat her as family…. because she is. Admittedly, she is not everybody’s priority (because we have our own family), but i’m sure, everybody just love her as our own.
Fast-track 2009, now she’s 16. Confused, disoriented, devoid of purpose, selfish, silent, and…. lonely!
Just recently, she left home that made everybody annoyed (why does she has to do such thing), then after 2 days, it made everybody worried! (she is not street-smart, and hoped nothing bad happened), then after 4 days when somebody told us where she is, it made us mad again (why is she so inconsiderate?)
Her reasons are very confusing… (about college, about getting everybody into trouble, about her being adopted, etc…), but bottom-line I feel she feels she does not “belong” and she is confused!
Now, she is with me and I will try to make her realize that we can be happy if we choose to be happy! I hope to mentor her that life is not as bad as she thinks…. That life is how we make it!
To remind her to see the good things in life, like a glass half-full of water….. (rather than seeing it as half-empty!) …. good luck to me!


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