Show of Gratitude After All These Years!


Just received a very nice testimonial from my former staff, ARlene… and it made my day!….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
“She had taught me invaluable things in so much ways she couldn’t imagine. She is never a boss,always a mentor. She is a “cool” person to head an important dept in an organization.
I’d like to say sorry po sa mga sakit ng ulo na binigay ko sa inyo when i was still in your dept. i know im not easy to manage, especially my too assuming attitude, unmindful behaviour when spurting out words to and about colleagues.
For me, you’re the best Audit Manager! this morning i got a praise from the CFO, saying about impressive report i was able to produce on a high level.i partly owe it to you po.salamat sa mga mahahabang arrows inserting words at mga words in red font sa walang sawa nyong pag edit sa mga reports ko.”

Really nice to know that in my own little way, i can inspire people, that I am remembered as a leader and mentor. Other staff may not agree to this testimonial, but then what matters is that at least one person affirms my ideals!

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