All My Worries Seem So Petty!


😦 I heard a very moving, depressing story today about what happened to a friend… what she’d gone through for the past 3 years! It was tragic and horrifying that I couldn’t imagine it will ever happen to someone close to me! I’m just thankful that she passed all that! And live to tell about it!
She was wrongfully accused of willfully and knowingly smuggling drugs from this foreign country. All her nightmares started when she left for Bangkok in August of 2006 for a promise of work as travel assistant for a manning company. Sadly, she was lured for this good-paying job by an old kumare friend. At Bangkok, she was given right away a Visa for this Arab country, where, allegedly, she will have her “final interview”. She was taken to a secluded provincial place where she stayed for a night. Then she was sent by bus to another city. She traveled through the desert for 27 hours without food and sleep. At that city she was given a plane ticket back to Bangkok. Horror happened at the airport where she was apprehended with cocaine in her bag (slipped between the linings of the trolley bag given to her).
Imagine, all that happened within 3 days after she left Manila. And she spent her next three (3!) years in prison! The story goes about her sufferings, depression, fear, ordeal, struggles and will for survival. Sadly, she kept it to herself, that only her brother, husband and sister-in-law knew what happened to her and where she was. She just survived the ordeal with prayers, will power and high hopes of seeing her family again. She won the court by her own wit and determination, but only after 3 years (after 4 judges and several letters to embassies, local media, government agencies). She came home at last!
Today, it made me realize that my worries, problems, and issues in life are all so petty compared to what she experienced!


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