“Give them Net to Fish….”


boracay fisherman

boracay fisherman

An old saying goes something like… “don’t give them fish to eat, but give them net to fish….” that’s the theme of my generosity today…
🙂 i sponsored the tax seminar of my cousin
🙂 at the same time making a colleague happy with her CPE credits for free
🙂 i was with my friend Flor, who never fail to inspire me and awe me…
🙂 by the way, Flor treated us to a very relaxing spa massage galore! thanks sis!
🙂 been educated with tax matters again…
🙂 prospect for new clients & new business (franchise & gas station)…
🙂 going to China for a bonding trip with friends and hubby (this month)
🙂 🙂 good laughs watching “Ice Age 3” with papi, jolo and lean
🙂 🙂 Lean with his drawing (vision) of his 8th birthday next year (he will be in “knight” costume and i will be soooo slim…)
😦 been struggling with my speelling today…
🙂 kuya will be coming to town on christmas! (nice chat with you tonight, kuya 😉 )
🙂 🙂 giving hope in best way I can…

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