10 best deeds this week!


This week is hectic and full, but I made sure that i will be able to infuse some good deeds to other people, and at the same time appreciating the nice simple things done to me….

here’s the 5 list of simple deeds I did:
1. have to beat the rain and flood to be at the office just for the sake of applicants coming over for interview… (when i can actually excuse myself to be at the nearest store instead)
2. hired 3 applicants (i bet they will never forget this day!)
3. having boosted the morale of at least 4 staff who will soon face new challenges.
4. giving hope to a cousin who is very, very down and depressed (see previous blog)…
5. giving away P1,800 seminar fee when i myself was also “broke,” making 2 people happy (the one taking the seminar, and the other one who got the much needed CPE credits)

and the best deeds done to me…. thank you!
6. i was fetched by Ann from the house because of heavy rain.
7. been treated to another spa treatment!
8. Kerol missed her event to accompany me to the spa!
9. received a favorite magazine.
10. been offered for a trip to HK and China!


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