Picture Moment #12: FB’ing lately!


Been curious about FB as my friends and colleagues talked about it, that I tried to look around myself. I am happy to find old friends and childhood buddies. It’s really nice having to look at their pictures and profiles and reflect what they became after all these years. Parallel lives happened, and it made me realize (again), that I could be here and there or that I might have became this and that. Funny (and mysteriously…), the possibilities are endless (aka, butterfly effect…), but we are here and we became what we are now by choices we took and decisions we made. Reflectively, there is no regrets but rather lots of appreciation to blessings. These friends of mine (I found in FB and everywhere else) have the same share of fun, laughs, blessings, struggles, issues, opportunities in life, but I’m sure in different level and appreciation. And I am happy for all of them!
Live, Laugh, Love to the Fullest!, That’s what matter!


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