Influential Person in My Life: OG


Since I was 14, I was an avid fan of Og Mandino, a great inspirational writer. I borrowed, I photocopied or just sourced from everywhere just to get a hold of his books. I even scrimped on my meager allowance to buy his books. Just to lent it to others (and never returned), just to share how this good writer has to say. My Kuyas are fans, too. We talked endlessly about the meanings and messages of the books. My Kuya Lito and I even searched for other books mentioned by Og, and even “sleuthed” the Bible for the mysteries mentioned in the “Christ Commission.” (By the way, great memorable moments spent with my Kuya Lito were the times when we shared comments about books, mysteries, Og and Van Gogh – but that’s another story!)
One of my favorite sayings by Og is “Remember that those who have fewest regrets are those who takes each moment as it comes for all that it is worth!”
The daily prayer “Seeds of Success” from the book “Mission: Success” is also a favorite that I recite-in-my-mind this 27-paragraph long creed while riding the LRT going to work.
OG is a great influence in my life and I can still quote his words to this day. og


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