Wipe the Sweat and Take a Bow!


🙂 aliya’s first time on her high-chair;
🙂 able to work on 5 long-pending procedures;
🙂 lifted up the spirit of sad staff;
😦 no laptop at home (not working that I have it fixed)!
🙂 read a lot of Og Mandino’s stuff and felt inspired again
🙂 longganisa putok (my favorite)!
😦 demented again by the power of its “proxy” — that’s how strong is its power;
😦 felt the demented feelings of those people touched by this powerful dementor;
😦 i’m becoming one myself… waaahhhh…
🙂 at least i’m aware and i was able to cast my patronus charm on myself!
🙂 able to rise up from the challenges of the day! wheeww (wiping the sweat)!
🙂 bow for a stressful day but a job well done (but still not yet finished entirely—bukas uli)!

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