Influential Person in My Life : VVG


Vincent Van Gogh had an interesting life story. The song “Vincent” was so popular that I never realized that it pertains to this person until I read the book “Lust for Life”….. He symbolizes hope, perseverance and despair. He is a “never-too-late-to-try-anything” icon to me!
We should not judge him by his eccentricity, for few people (like him and Michael Jackson) should be bold enough to be one for us to understand our own limitation and longings.
His art is another thing, his art symbolizes boldness, playfulness, vivid colors and uniqueness. Frugality is not in his vocabulary. When it come to art, it has to be “care-for-nothing” and “be-true-to-yourself” and, as my Kuya said, “total abandonment!”lust for life
La Mousme


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