Thursday to Unwind


🙂 started early and no need to rush to office, i will be fetched by a company service
🙂 bubble-bath time with aliya in the morning
🙂 to Dau, had lunch with Store Manager and HR Manager
😦 got bank penalty because of a forgotten 775 check… i’ve been very careful na nga e….
🙂 got help from ever-reliable aann for internet banking and iya for bank matters
🙂 to Clark, and bought b1t1 chocolates.
🙂 to Baliwag, and had a nice talk with store managers
😦 still have doubts if my action re my staff misbehavior (then resignation) was right? he spent 14 years in the company
🙂 discussed immediate audit plans with assts, we seldom talk that way in the office
😦 my side tummy is aching…
🙂 got home early
🙂 bubble-bath time with aliya (again) and lean!
🙂 lean is semi bald! 😦 he look older
🙂 still working on my lists and new set of smilebox photos


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