Daily Archives: August 1, 2009

Yellow Ribbon


Corazon Aquino, the symbol of democracy, the icon of peace, died this morning. The nation mourns the death of its Mother. We pay tribute in our simple way.

Notwithstanding the rallies and protests I joined during her regime during my activism era, I have a silent adulation and respect for this person. Then and now. She was so calm, composed, strong and firm during those times of her presidency. We cannot blame her actually, she did what she had to do, she just have to bear all the remnants of past regime’s debts and corruption.

Despite of her own misgivings and weaknesses, she ruled the nation honestly and mother-like who only wish the best for her children. The roads she took and decisions she made may not be all perfect, but just as any mothers do, she just follow her instincts and wish us all well.