My Habits Create My Future


My habits create my future. If my habits today won’t create my dream, then I will change my habits or change my dream.
What are the bad habits that holding me back?
😦 procrastination
😦 always aiming (planning) without firing
😦 spending
😦 bad debts
What are the habits I can capitalize?
🙂 thirst for knowledge
🙂 giving away (time and things) for others
🙂 fiery motivation (in the morning only)
🙂 keen mind for ideas
Having said that, I should be more aware what’s keeping me here and what I can do more. I have to set my eyes on my goals and keep on going. Good luck to me.

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  1. great blog!. . . most people just do it for people but sometimes you have to think of yourself first then ohers cause others won’t pour into you at times. . .

    be blessed romans12:1-3

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