Picture Moment #15 – Way to go….


One of my life’s goals is to travel, travel, travel… and that is, with my family. It’s quite pricey and takes big chunk on our savings, but the joy and memories it bring are immeasurable, unquantifiable and lasting. Once we get old, these will be the moment we will remember and cherish most (because I guess we’ll have vague memory of our routinary working days! – and who would want to think about that?)
First picture shown was that of Papi in 2004 at the Peak, Hong Kong. We came back there in 2006, when Lean was already up for travel and the Disneyland had recently opened. Probably in 2011 when Aliya is about the travelling age, we will go back to Hong Kong.
Second picture was that of Jolo in 2007 in KL Tower, overlooking the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpar. We just loved peaks and heights!
Life is short, and there are soooo many places to go!


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