Daily Archives: August 8, 2009



I have this book, “If I really wanted to Simplify My Life, I would”…. It enumerates some useful tips, some are witty and some are just plain and practically simple…
Here are some of my favorites (and there are more):
1. Read instructions and follow them
2. Go for depth over breadth
3. Keep track of credit card spending (and cash for that matter)
4. Make lists
5. Keep a running “job jar” and “rolling” grocery list
6. Live in the present, learn from the past.
7. Pick after myself.
8. Refuse to spend what I don’t have.
9. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.
10. Take time off to renew my creativity and energy.
11. Keep my promises.
12. Join a car pool.
13. Turn off much noise as possible.
14. Think through decisions carefully.
15. Stay focused on truly important things in life.

I know it takes a lot of effort and practice to establish these as routine. But most of these are just change of our mindset. There are so many complications in life that we don’t really need. So why bother!

This Week’s Inventory of Blessings


🙂 😦 Witnessed history-in-the-making during Cory’s wake and burial
🙂 Chance to teach Jolo a part of Filipino history
🙂 Was helped by cousin Pentz buy tiles for mother
🙂 finally bought the tiles for mother (she’s been requesting a month ago)
😦 busted ref (a reason to buy anew one 🙂 – been in a plan anyway… )
🙂 had a spa treat again from sis Flor
🙂 opportunity to sell real estate big time! if only…..
🙂 got the ultra-courage to talk to boss about personal stuff (and on his 1st day of coming to office after a long vacation – which usually a bad timing!)
🙂 tackled/issued overdue memo and manual
🙂 Starbucks with co-managers
🙂 new store opening at Tagaytay
🙂 🙂 date with Papi at Tagaytay 🙂 😦 stomach ache all day
😦 resigning staff, complaining staff
🙂 surprised Jolo with new camera stand, and Lean with 2 choco waffles (his favorite)
🙂 Aliya walks around the house, giggles, laughs a lot
🙂 with SVS partners, finalized our Mission, Vision, Core Values.. (finally after 8 years…)
😦 eating a lot lately…