Today… I Set My Goals… Again….


And it starts with, “stop procrastinating!”

I have just starting on my “online” commitment of my goals and things to do in life. I found the following sites useful:

As I listed down my goals and set (I mean “re-set”) my things-to-do…. I realized that most of them have already been “committed” before, or were already listed in my wish listssss. So, I been wondering, if I haven’t came around doing (or finishing) them, then what was I doing all this time?? What’s keeping me busy?? Then, it’s obvious that I’m more on things that doesn’t necessarily those that “matters”.

And again, that boils down to my habit of procrastinating!

But anyway, I been doing something lately to keep me back in my tracks because “years are too short” to accomplish them. So far, I’ve started “My Life’s List” (see pages), to keep me reminded of my ultimate goals. But I have to break them down to more attainable goals on short-term basis (see my “101 things to do in 1001 days” – but still in progress), and I have to track my progress.

I’ve been consciously “fighting” procrastination recently and I have small triumphs! Just a sample, for the past week I’ve finally obtained the signatures/approval of long-overdue memo and Company policies I’ve been working on (some I almost gave up finishing!). Those accomplishments inspires me to revive and finish what I have started on, knowing that those things are noble and deserve the chance to be published!

My goals are not “earth-shuttering” but if I keep myself on track, I will be able to enrich my family, deepen my relationship, develop myself, and lead and inspire others better.

Way to go…

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  1. yes, that’s the usual scenario… but to accomplish more, we need to tackle everyday as if it is the ‘last”… thanks…

    • i agree with you but sometimes we have more interruptions in our work that sometimes an hour task took us a day to accomplish. how i wish i have more than 24 hours a day but im sure it will still not enough ….

      • u r right! but we just have to be more organized and keeps going back to what’s important rather than on what’s urgent. (See also my new post about “Dont want to, but must…”) Hey when will you have your blog?

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