But Must….


Seven Tips for Getting Yourself To Do Something You Dread To Do (but must)!

How many times do you feel miserable because of some undesirable (but important) tasks you need to face or tackle (or having to decide – again – to put it off)? I guess we are on the same shoes….

For example, right now I have so many policies and procedures in different stages of completion (or non-completion), and some are gathering “dusts.” Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and writing and editing and giving “life” to a process by making it official. But admittedly, I felt overwhelmed by the various sub-tasks involved, various approval process, and the prospect of getting unpleasant comments, and worst, no comment at all. But I believe how noble is this work. So I must jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can.

So, bear me with in sharing this to you. These techniques (gathered/compiled from various sources) will help us toward the finish line of hitting “send”.

1. Ask for help. Some of our hesitations came when we got to the point of “nowhere to go.” Why is this so hard? I have no idea. But whenever I ask for help, or tackle the subject (just to clear my mind, sometimes), I’m amazed at how much it helps.

2. Remember: most decisions/tasks don’t require extensive research. I often get paralyzed by my inability to make a decision (fast), or by delaying making decisions because of the “perceived” complexity. But by reminding myself that often, one choice just isn’t that much different from another choice, I can move on.

3. How do you eat an elephant? … One bite at a time…. If you feel yourself dismayed at the prospect of the chain of awful tasks that you have to accomplish, just take one step (or one bite) today. Tackle one part. Later, take the next “bite”. Invest some time, rather than wasting time for the “inspiration to come.” I realized that the forward motion is encouraging, and before long, I find myself speeding toward completion.

4. Do it first thing in the morning. The night before, vow to yourself to do the dreaded task. And the next day, at the first possible moment – as soon as you walk into work, or whenever – just do it. Don’t allow yourself to reflect or procrastinate.

5. Be creative in dealing interruption. How often have you finally steeled yourself to start some difficult project, only to be interrupted the minute you get going? This makes a hard task much harder. Interruptions are part of the job. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll be forever doomed not to finish the task because of these “interruptions.” Carve out some time to work (usually on the 1st hour of the day) Or ask colleague to cover for you on menial tasks (ex. answering queries).

6. Every Noble Work Seems At First Impossible. It’s not always as hard as you perceived it is. Most of the time we are just overwhelmed by the “perceived” enormity of the task, fear undermined the objective and nobility. Nobody may have done it before, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

7. Visualize. See yourself finishing the task. Imagine the outcome of the project. Visualize pressing the “send” button. The end product usually motivates us to move forward. Novelty and challenge, as uncomfortable as they can be, DO bring happiness. The chore that feels onerous today may give you a huge boost of satisfaction tomorrow, when it’s behind you. Keep that in mind.

(thanks to my sources, “the happiness-project” and og mandino, and their sources as well)…


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