Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

101 Minus 1: Sign-in As An Organ Donor (#61)


I signed-in as an organ donor and I made it known to my close cousins and friends. Some might think that this is just quite an easy one to do, just a few clicks and post, and here I am scratching one goal out from my 101 lists. But actually I have all along in my wallet the donor card I got from the Reader’s Digest magazine. They might find this donor card in time of my last demise…. but also, maybe not. So this time, I made it known and emailed it to people I can rely my “last will” (habilin). I even posted it in my Facebook, just in case. Easy?

But wait, i know it’s not all that… because this act means commitment! and a cause! and I hope that this will manifest my last effort to help and share, even after my last breath. 🙂

My Goal: Laugh Some More!


Why should I take life seriously? Laughter is good for the heart! and for enriching my time with kids! My 7-year old delivered some jokes… it gave me good laughs! Samples:
1. Why couldn’t the sailors play cards? … Ans: Because the captain was standing on the deck…
2. What did the jar of mayo say to the refrigerator door? Ans… “Close the door, i’m dressing!”
3. What’s in the middle of the ocean? Ans… letter “e”
4. Why did the ghost join the cheer squad? Ans… to add a little team spirit!
5. Why was the math book sad? Ans… because it had too many problems!

Please bear with me… if it’s corny… I laughed actually on how my Lean delivered them, and how I tried to come up with my answers…

Nyahahaha… 🙂 🙂