101 Minus 1: Sign-in As An Organ Donor (#61)


I signed-in as an organ donor and I made it known to my close cousins and friends. Some might think that this is just quite an easy one to do, just a few clicks and post, and here I am scratching one goal out from my 101 lists. But actually I have all along in my wallet the donor card I got from the Reader’s Digest magazine. They might find this donor card in time of my last demise…. but also, maybe not. So this time, I made it known and emailed it to people I can rely my “last will” (habilin). I even posted it in my Facebook, just in case. Easy?

But wait, i know it’s not all that… because this act means commitment! and a cause! and I hope that this will manifest my last effort to help and share, even after my last breath. 🙂

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