Just a Great Week!


It’s because I was anticipating everything great will happen this week, then it did!

It’s because I have changed my mindset to focus on things that I should do more (or less), to be aware of how I will spend the day and having the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm as I tackle the goals I set. This past week, I’ve been into goal-setting, list-making, and just acting (taking over the habit of procrastination). And it feels great! Having achieved something is very encouraging that makes me move forward further!

I became more aware of the gift of time and how are we powerful to spend it (or waste it – our choice)!

Here are the sample of my week’s “triumphs”

🙂 finally held the general assembly for SVS
🙂 it goes with the preparation for the presentation material and setting up policies
🙂 had a great spa treat from a friend
🙂 inspired the PG staff thru email tips
🙂 cheered-up friends in hotspot situations
🙂 having great, great time with papi, with lots of laughter and fun!
🙂 started to do things I dreaded most or ignored
🙂 issued number of policies and procedures
🙂 sent letter of intent for the retail business
🙂 been offered with transfer of her franchise to us
🙂 ideas, ideas, ideas for business
🙂 started contacting business partners in retail
😉 got the approval for new PCs for my staff
😛 treat of pancit (noodles) from my staff
🙂 have started developing my exercise routine
🙂 more playtime with kids
🙂 had bonding moments with mama and daddy
🙂 received help when most needed and least expected
etc. etc. etc.


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