Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

Things I Learned Today!


😦 Don’t rush to please others without thinking about its cost to another.
😉 I should guard myself against people who can “use” me for their seemingly good intent (but it’s not)
😡 I should not make it easy for my dementor to antagonize me. I can make them confused, annoyed, and affected, too, without losing”me” in the process.
😉 Take the chance to know your applicants, they have feelings too, (and life-story!)
🙂 Having foresight and vision is a very useful attribute of a leader.
🙂 Procedures need not be changed (at all times) if there are just lapses here and there…. Address the lapses, rather than resolving it by changing the process.
🙂 i learned the word “otorhinolaryngology” (and i can now recite it properly!)