Daily Archives: August 26, 2009

The Suite Life!


We had a GREAT time at MACAO!
We stayed at The Venetian! As in, the most glamorous, magnificent hotel! We lived (like rich) at The Rialto Suite (the most expensive). It’s just “WOW”!
We thank all this to our generous friend Flor!
Can’t really describe the awesome feelings that still linger until now (like a hung-over)!
Just too much of the most splendid and great things around!
But it’s more than the place! What makes this travel sweet and memorable is the fun having my close friends (and my papi) with me!

Just being in The Venetian will probably fill-up my list of “Do/experience “first time””… samples are:
1. Played in a casino (and we won)
2. Rode a gondola boat and being serenaded by a cute Italian guy
3. Seen an indoor “sky”
4. Experience checked-in in a suite
5. This is the best hotel so far I have visited
6. Amazed at its enormity and beauty
7. Got the idea of “travelling feet”
8. Seen the Mayor of Caloocan (Echiverri)
9. Walked 300 meters just to see the Hotel’s pool
10. Travel with great friends.

T&I: Boost Yourself


Tips for Feeling Better About Yourself

smileysWell it’s rare for a person who isn’t sometimes (or often) have moments of self-doubt. When you’re feeling lousy about yourself, what can you do to feel better?

Then do something worthy of your respect. To like yourself better…do something that makes you likable. It’s tempting to think that support and encouragement from other people will reassure you, but A) often that doesn’t work and B) often you can’t winkle other people into giving you a pep talk.

Try this:
1. Do a good deed. This is as selfish as it is selfless; you’ll benefit as much as the person you’re helping. Make small gestures of good citizenship. Offer directions to someone who looks lost. Sign up to be an organ donor.
2. Choose nice clothes to wear. Look your best even if you don’t feel like it. That will surely boost you.
3. Keep a resolution. You’ll get a boost from the mere fact that you made a commitment (even not as grand like doing 5-minute walk daily or cleaning) and stuck to it.
4. Become an expert. There’s great satisfaction in mastery. Pick a subject that honestly interests you, and dig in deep.
5. Challenge yourself physically and boost your energy. Some people feel great after roller-coaster-ride (like me). For less daring, a bike ride, or cleaning the car or pole dancing can do the trick.
6. Keep an eye for positive things and circumstances. Think of half-full glass.
7. Smile. Lighten up. The smile “back” is as rewarding and contagious.
8. Don’t fret. Don’t think much about “how to be happy” as this highlights why you are gloomy in the first place. Do something fun.
9. Get enough sleep.

Sourced from Happiness Project and Katrina M’s Journal