The Suite Life!


We had a GREAT time at MACAO!
We stayed at The Venetian! As in, the most glamorous, magnificent hotel! We lived (like rich) at The Rialto Suite (the most expensive). It’s just “WOW”!
We thank all this to our generous friend Flor!
Can’t really describe the awesome feelings that still linger until now (like a hung-over)!
Just too much of the most splendid and great things around!
But it’s more than the place! What makes this travel sweet and memorable is the fun having my close friends (and my papi) with me!

Just being in The Venetian will probably fill-up my list of “Do/experience “first time””… samples are:
1. Played in a casino (and we won)
2. Rode a gondola boat and being serenaded by a cute Italian guy
3. Seen an indoor “sky”
4. Experience checked-in in a suite
5. This is the best hotel so far I have visited
6. Amazed at its enormity and beauty
7. Got the idea of “travelling feet”
8. Seen the Mayor of Caloocan (Echiverri)
9. Walked 300 meters just to see the Hotel’s pool
10. Travel with great friends.


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  1. hi abel! so you have visited the europe of asia…the only difference is the people are all chinese.
    hope you visit europe for real….soon. regards to everyone.

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