101 Minus 3rd – The Person in the Mirror (#99)


rubiksI have finally made myself to do some self-discovery (or some sort of self-re-affirmation) about who I am and what I am made of. I’ve been dreading to do this exercise since I feared I might realize that I knew little of myself, or rather I have noting to say at all.

But surprisingly, what I intended to do as few paragraphs, I ended up making a list. I intended to do 50+, but now I’m on the 80th (and will keep on adding) Just like taking inventory.

I realized that I have too much to say about myself (humility aside), my good traits (as I believe), and my flaws (and there are quite many), and some things other people perceive of me (a few that I knew). After this exercise, I feel blessed!

I have faced these facts in a new light, as if I have finally faced that person in the mirror…. and so far what I saw is not bad at all.

(see “The Culprit” for the list)<img

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