Another Great Week!


🙂 after the macao trip, I’ve been revitalized
🙂 able to revive some long-outstanding policies and memo, been tackling it little by little to its completion
🙂 request granted as to the promotion of my 2 staff
🙂 hired new staff
🙂 watched school show, it was amazing (Jolo as Magellan and Lean as Katipunero)
🙂 start delivering stocks to StarCity
😦 regrets on the real-estate deal
🙂 meeting with staff, gather new ideas from them
😮 announcement of new stores to open, meaning lots of work to do
🙂 a car ride with Aann, after a long Saturday work
😦 tummy’s aching, headache, colds
🙂 family goes to church and ate at BarKo
🙂 we were visited by Mama, Ninang and cousins, had snacks and dinner galore
🙂 29-giving challenge, new things to learn and experience
🙂 Got a new inventory system to use


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