101 Minus 4th – Seen Old Friends!


We had a great time! We talked about good old days and we laughed at our silliness, antics and adventures! i really enjoyed the night and I hope we could do this more often! Here’s my tribute to my old friends:
Bong – we fondly call him “Botchok,” he’s one of Manok’s (my Papi) buddies, he was for the good times and bad times (Manok stayed in their house when he “stowed-away”) He has a good hearthy laughs. And can get too serious at times.
Arnel – the ever reliable friend. He was my kindergarten classmate! we shared the same table of 4 with GIlbert N. and Eden S. If there was an award for Mr. COngeniality, we will surely get it.
Orly – the mathematician and the clown, then and now. I “grew” with him from from high school to college and now we are partner in our business (SVS). Very reliable, witty and funny!
Pamela – my elementary buddy whom I haven’t seen for 13 years (she just attended our wedding) she was the “crush ng bayan” then, she was cute then… and now, just so stunning. She is still her old self… funny, “a-bit-elite-but-down-to-earth-pala. (We just have few awkward moments since she and Noel was an “item” before.)
Noel – which I fondly call as “Igan” (short for “kaibigan” or friend). He is my best buddy, and Manok’s best buddy, too (actually we were three-some during those days). He is the ever-thoughtful, kind, dependable and just great friend. I really missed talking real stuff with him (we’ll catch up sometime).
Manok – or Paul, none-other-than my Papi, my hubby…. For the record, we were not an item during HS. I never (believe me, never!) thought I will “end” up with him! But (for the record too), he already knew, or rather I was “reserved” — well that’s a long story. Anyways, as a friend before, I remember him as my protector and joker. He was the “playboy” who got too many girlfriends then (don’t count me in).

It’s great to remember them as they were and realized that we’ve not lost those qualities of ours even now….. we are just “better.” I always believe that what we are now is because of the friends we made and the life we experienced during our “puberty” time.

It is also nice to feel that as if we have not been apart for so many years! 🙂

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    • just something to make us smile! Life is great esp when shared with friends and family! thank you also for being a friend…. just remember… “the owl and the pussy cat”… we’ve gone a loooooong way!

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