Celebrating My “Friendship Month”


It’s seems I can’t get enough of seeing old friends and reliving the past!
As if I have declared this month as Friendship Month!
Last Friday, I saw my old buddies from high school. Had a great time and good laughs about our adolescent life. We are now constantly in contact.
Last night, we (the SVS sisterhood) met one of our best friends (Romel) from college. We haven’t seen him for 6+ years when he went to Rome. We also had good hearty laughs when we remembered our good old days, especially our antics with our professors.
Also, since last week, we’ve been communicating with our other best friend, Carol, who is now based at LA. We convinced her go home (for good or for awhile), just to relieve her of her worries due to recession there. Well, courtesy of sister Flor, she’ll get her plane ticket (a job and a condo unit here, or a papi, perhaps…)
As I celebrate friendship, it also means keeping in touch with my old friends from the old days in anyway I can (thru text, email, fb, fs).
And more than anything, I make efforts to keep connected with the people that are constantly with me everyday (my family, my papi, kids, staff, friends and colleagues). I am enjoying more the time being spent with them. No hang-ups, no pre-occupation, no pressure.
Just a sheer delight of my “NOW” being with them.


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