Blessings & Expectations


“The size of your blessing is determined by the size of your expectation.”

This is just another nice week! With only few glitches and hang-ups, but nevertheless productive and blessed week!

I am blessed, because:
🙂 I got great friends around and old friends still around! I’ve seen few friends from the old times (see my previous post here and here)
😮 I felt again the power of a closed-knit family that decides as one, after consulting each other (regardless of age)
😉 I was able to make efforts to make few drastic projects;
🙂 I am well and healthy (only one star on my blood test);
🙂 I am in the position of “touching” someone else’s lives;
🙂 I was able to run errands and do favors for friends in need! (or just be there to boost them)
🙂 I am surrounded by “loves” of my life.
🙂 I am moving along and making progress (a lot) in my 101 tasks

Since I am more focused with my goals and expectations, everything falls in place and blessings keep pouring in.

Life is so great, that I do not want to miss the chance to enjoy every day. To enjoy my NOW!

I will remember to say this every morning when I wake up, “I expect great things to happen today!” It’ll be fun, try it too!.

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  1. This is really true…you are my booster… nyahhahah…thanks for all the sharing moments….(we have lots of it…)….

    break a leg and keey enjoying your NOw!!!,,,:-)

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