“First Time” Again After Many Years


igorotJust like to make an emphasis of the “first-time”
It’s just the same feelings of awe and excitement, eventhough the experiences have already happened before. Pardon, if I am just too “babaw” (shallow) when come to this. Well, I am just enjoying life and what it offers…. everyday….
Below are some accounts of what happened to me on last Friday and Sat…. (that I can add to my 101 list).
🙂 seen the tiger head going to Baguio (Kennon Road), I was still awed by the enormity of it, since I always remember it small.
🙂 been to Mines View again and seen the monochromatic landscape of mountains (but I’m bother by new four tombs in the bottom of the ravine 😦 )
🙂 ate at Rose Bowl and the pata tim was so delicious
😮 amazingly did the travel back and forth of Baguio in just one day
🙂 seen the vast Hacienda Luisita
🙂 enjoyed our interview of applicants, they are all qualified, but unfortunately have to accept only two.
😮 I learned that the Marcos bust on the mountainside was already gone (I just thought it just suffered some damage or vandalism — sayang…)
🙂 ate at the famous (1st) restaurant of Aling Lucing (sisig)…
🙂 nice stay at Fontana, I like the feeling of relax mode (and the greenery, nice bed sheets, quiet streets and the new grand lobby)
🙂 seen the new upcoming 2 stores of Puregold (Baguio and Angeles)
😉 started reading the book “Judas Strain” (I think I can finish it in less than 4 days — record-breaking!)

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