Picture Story # 16: Let these Pictures Speak for Itself :(


Typhoon Ondoy Hit Manila…. Sept 26, 2009…

Philippines Flooding





Philippines Flooding


APTOPIX Philippines Flooding


Philippines Flooding

Philippines  Flooding

Philippines Flooding


Please pray for our fellowmen! Let’s help!

for donation please course-through this trusted site:


for more info: google “typhoon ondoy”


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  1. Dear God,
    I pray for my nation especially the victims of the flashflood caused by the typhoon Ondoy, Lord, please help us pray for everyone’s safety and that amongst the victim may they see hope and move on for all the difficulties that had happened in their lives help us instill in our hearts and minds the Divine Providence of giving and sharing to fill in the devastation our countrymen are experiencing. We beg we pray that also what had taught us will serve as a lesson to us to start disciplining ourselves esp. the proper disposal of our wastes. Lord, please give us HOPE and give us the courage to face life at its wonderful phase and help us set our minds to think positively so we can move on no matter how difficult our obstacles are. Thank you for the gift of love and concern you had given us that no matter what, our sense of camaraderie and close family ties is much exercised in this time of catastrophe. Thanks for everything Lord, again Have Mercy on us and Bless us all. Please continue touching the hearts everybody esp. those who can afford to extend their help and share what they have to those in need. And so as continue pray with one another. This we ask In Jesus name. Amen

    ADE 

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