Tips & Insights: Good Ideas


bulbI missed last week’s “tips and insights” for my staff, coz I’ve been carried away by the tragedy that struck not only Manila but also Indonesia and Somoa and the anticipation of another typhoon… (haaaaY!)
Anyway, I have here some few insights for them….

Are Your Good Ideas Being Acted On….

There are many benefits to being the “In-charge” or the “boss,” but one of the major drawbacks is that your subordinates may not always in synch with you. In an effort to seem agreeable, they may say “yes” when they are thinking “no.” Or they may naively assume that since you are “smart” enough to be the “boss,” so your ideas are always going to be good ones, and they just let you be the one to think….
Sure, your ideas were important in starting your project. But it was your tenacity that made it happen. Trust your experience, but acknowledge that some of the ideas you get now may need a little fine-tuning, and inputs and challenge from your team members.
Don’t let anyone tell you how “smart” you are and let you do the “job” all by yourself. Surround yourself with the best people and ENCOURAGE them to treat your ideas as you treat theirs — with enough respect to CHALLENGE them.
If your key people are not regularly challenging your ideas — if they tend to defer to you — take responsibility for having turned them into cheerleaders. Sit them down. Ask for their support in the future. Then discuss how the group could best evaluate new ideas.
…. Better yet, derive IDEAS from them and DO the fine-tuning together.

— From Michael Masterson’s Article and Katrina’s Journal

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