Project “K”


waterI am starting a project of one good deed a day. My Project Kindness.

I believe that every little act of kindness multiplies thereafter. Just like a ripple due to a drop of water. We may not know what happens after the act is given but I am assured that somehow it is being “paid forward.” Altruism is a contagious thing (or as I want to think it is).

Talking (journaling) about it doesn’t mean an appreciation is expected. I just want to inspire and be inspired….

As a goal, I will practice kindness for it to become automatic…. I will do it everyday, and it will become an unconscious thing!

Mother Theresa is a perfect example of “automatic” natural kindness, because (I think) it became unconscious, it became second-nature (or first-nature, so I say) for her.

I’m no saint and I’m not aspiring to be one. I just choose to be kind and be happy.


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