Batch ’87


pier one_1017 134Last night was a celebration of Orly’s Birthday along with our St Joseph’s buddies and friends (from high school and elementary) at Pier One at QC. We have actually representatives from all sections: St Elizabeth, St John, St. Dominic, St. Ignatius! (if you still remember your beloved section!)

We had a really great time, telling stories, updating life-stories, cracking jokes, goofying around, appreciating the “journey” of each of us had from then to now, and amazing how years have not “actually” changed us… we are still young (at heart and spirit!)… and we can be the same good old buddies… and as if no years had set us apart!

I really believe that we became what we are now because of the friends we made and the dreams we shared with them… as we inspired, aspired and gone separate ways…. then, to meet again with stories to tell!

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