Tough Season at Work… Wheew!


happy-sad-facesJust want to share some ups and downs and “tamblings” and “boljacks” and some few triumphs at workplace… It’s been a stressful 2 weeks… but then again, at the end of the day, I have to “leave” it behind for a while to enjoy the rest of my day/night… (Carnegie said something about “compartmentalize”).
🙂 hired 7 audit staff this week (and 4 staff from last week)… this will definitely change the course of their lives… because I have put my “butterfly effect” on them…
😦 but really having a hard time keeping up with our hiring (due to new stores and resignation and EOC and leaves – am I complaining?)
🙂 Helped opened 3 PG stores this week… having been the “silent force” behind stores’ technical training, we have managed to keep the training schedule running on “auto-pilot” mode… thanks to the competency of our trained trainers.
😦 been worried about “deterioration” of auditors’ know-how, or am I just over-expecting (but then, I really need to revitalize our own training program)
😦 a major project may not see-the-light-day because of mis-coordination (just when we have already done 90% of work)
😮 working on another major vital project, but I have a heavy foreboding feeling about it because of the dementors…. (but I know this should not deter me… or else they will just gain power over my potronus charm)
🙂 have released one major policy, as in… (this have been in drawing board for 3 years)
😉 keeping up with the releases of other policies and procedures.
😦 learned the lesson of not jumping too fast on proposing procedures, and relying on store managers’ assertion that the transaction of which the procedures are needed was already approved by the Boss.
🙂 seen exemplary performances of some auditors. we really just have to keep them motivated and challenged!
😦 Been “bad” again for feeling so “bad” for the “incompetency” of tooot-toot….
🙂 got an approval on a new set of training program set until next month
😉 on the right track (I hope)… so far, so good (I pray)….

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    • just when I thought that you will react soon….
      well, maybe you know “toooot-toot”… i don’t want to be more disrespectful… 😉

      • hmmmnn, I have one person in mind but I don’t know if we think of the same person :-)… whaaaah, i still wanna know, maybe you could make “kwento” po in fb or outside this (kulit ‘no…)

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