Tips and Insights: Be Insanely Awesome


Be twice as good at half the price!
In other words: be insanely awesome… go the extra mile!
It’s a powerful principle that we can apply in whatever we do.
For business, or in employment (and in life for that matter), we must constantly ask this question: “How can we give twice the value for half the price?”
As Bo Sanchez put it in business concept, he gave two big reasons why we need to do this:
First: you simplify the sales process! You don’t have to beg them to buy from you. People will be begging you to sell to them.
Second: You make your customer retention easier: Even if they scout around for other suppliers, they’ll discover that they can”t get the same value they get from you… and so will keep coming back to you.”
Same holds true to our life and our dealings with people and challenges. We must be insanely awesome in everything we do so we can leave a mark and make our worth more “worthy” to our “customers” (be it family, colleague, company, team, community… or God).
Go the extra mile, do more as expected.
Anybody can be “extraordinary” by giving a little “extra” on the ordinary!

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