The Travelling Feet


See my collection of “my wandering feet” that somewhat chronicle my travel and adventure. It started in Macau last August. Here are the samples:

at the venetian hotel
venetian feet

the venetian casino
venetian2 feet

on top of macau tower

in HK train after been denied entry at shenzhen
schenzen train feet

at HongKong
hong kong feet

at fontana clark
fontana feet

at baguio (store site visit)
baguio feet

at tumana marikina (relief operation)
tumana feet


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  2. When i saw this i had to laugh. I do the exact same thing. I take a picture of my feet wherever i travel. To top it all, it also started in macau as well. Haha.

    • Really!? That’s nice. 🙂 🙂 The idea just occurred to me during our half-way time in Macau, because of nice floorings of The Venetian. I hope to see your collection! I have mine in flickr site but I want to keep it here also. 🙂 🙂

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