Picture Moment #21: A Dream of a Friend


JollibeeI am soooo happy and proud for my friend Flor!

She just opened a Jollibee outlet (at our old office address at San Andres Malate)!

A dream fulfilled by just an ordinary girl with extraordinary vision, load-full of talents, never-ending blessings, unwavering courage and great aspiration! She deserves it! All of it!

A “Jollibee-dream,” just like an “all-american dream,” is EVERYBODY’s dream. A long-shot dream, really but who would not want to have a dream-business like this that assures retirement years?

But Flor made it happened, and she made sure that it will happen fast and while she’s still young!

All because of her “never-say-no” and “one-great-leap” attitude…. and not to mention her charm, wit, vision, spirit and timing. (How she got her franchise license is a great and interesting story to be told someday!)

Oh, did I mentioned that she did it “with heart”? Her vision is not only for her own dream, but for the fulfillment of dreams of everybody that matters to her!

We are happy for you, sis, you are really an inspiration!

look who is cutting the ribbon! 😉
jollibee 004

to grace the occasion… no other than… jollibee himself 🙂
jollibee 020

“a dream come true…”
jollibee 026

opppsss… I was there…. 🙂 (November 11, 2009)
jollibee 001


4 responses »

  1. sis, im touched…
    sometimes, i dont really see myself, my two eyes are focused on the people around me. The reason why I have what I have now, is because, I’m being used as a tool… and there relies bigger responsiblity, Im praying that I’ll be blessed with more courage, strength and wisdom to do what has been entrusted to me…thanks ha, love you!

  2. Hi Flor, I am so proud of you Ms. Business woman…I knew when we we’re in HS I can see you succeed. More power to you! God bless!

    Celina Nevado

  3. What a lady as I see today
    through the pictures of success
    and a mirror of woman in grace.

    What a human whose heart is for everyone
    never bother to say “no”,
    willing to take a role in helping anyone

    What a friend she was before
    I would say
    Nothing change
    No one even left her at all

    The answer;
    The Lord keeps on pouring
    Unending blessing has been given to FLOR.

    I’am so happy for you my friend, my flor

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