House Project 2009


The house project of my parents are on the way… Except for some of the details on which they have decided on, the design is something that I have imagined before. The project dragged because of budget and budget… and as much as I want to pitch in “big-time,” but I could only give so much. The “rule” in getting the design done is… “whoever want something done, then let it be their bucks…” 🙂
Well, I have some misgivings on that part…. I cannot really “demand” or at least suggest on the most instances…

But anyway, I saved the best of my suggestions for last….

Like the white tiles (and the vision of this homey living room):

The asian-inspired bedroom, something like this (if not the paded headboard, then it could be a folding divider):

the house is “open” (no partitions yet), but i hope to separate the bedroom and living room with this:

I like capiz shell lights like this:

This kitchen with nice bar:

And Mama would sure love this nice curtain:

The pocket of garden will (hope!) look like this (minus the steps):

or for small budget garden, this is also great:


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